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Dell Venue 8 Pro - won't turn on / hold charge? I got this tablet 7 months ago. I have barely used it. I went to turn it on after plugging it up to charge and nothing. The screen is black. The charging lights are the only things that actually work. It'll turn for a orange to a white. And it'll act like it's charging but once I unplug it, the. This Windows based Tablet got in a Bootloop, if you will try to boot from external DVD or USB recovery drive you will have no luck at all because boot loop f.. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, it is just past its 1 year purchase date on 13 Jan. Now it does not turn on. It has not been used for maybe 4 months. When it is on charge there is a white LED. When I press the on button I get a Orange LED for 3 seconds, and it goes back to white

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My dell venue won't turn on either I hav the dell venue 11 pro i3 and it only works if u connect the keybord dock and it powers itself thru there, I even tried new update. It won't charge at all but using the keybord dock it turns on. When I plugin the charger it won't show charge light but if I use same charge on keybord dock or any other. Release power button once Dell logo appears but continue to hold (Volume -) until menu appears. You can use the Volume + to navigate the menu, Volume - to engage. If it still does not turn on, reseat the battery before leaving the device overnight to charge and then try again What can i do Need a repair? Visit our repair shop if you are local or mail in your device using the mail-in form at http://northridgefix.com/mail-in/ Paypal Contributions..

Dell Venue 8 Pro - won't turn on / hold charge

Bad Power Supply. Ensure that the Venue 8 Tablet's battery is not dead, and can hold a charge. Attempt to charge your device and try to turn it on after a few moments of charging. If the device wont turn on due to a bad power supply, you may need to replace the battery My dell venue 11 pro(7130/7139) powered off after battery drain but then when i plug in my charger the power light turns white but even after hours of charging when i try to power it on by pressing and holding it, it turns to orange blinks for couple of secs and turns back to white Using the Power button: Press and hold the Power button for at least 4 seconds. Swipe-down the shutdown confirmation screen to the bottom edge of the display to turn off the tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro shut down Five days ago my Dell Venue 8 Pro began to do a hard shutdown on sleep. I thought it was a battery run down but it happens even when the battery is full. I did a power saving reset but it still turns itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity. Takes 15 minute hold down of power button, then quick touch to restart from.

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I have the Dell Venue 8 Pro and having recently used the Airplane Mode, I have been unable to reconnect to wi-fi. I have turned off the Airplane Mode and I have moved the bar to turn back on Wi-Fi, but, after thinking about it for a bit (moving circle of dots), it returns the Wi-Fi bar to the off position and that is that Unfortunately, the Dell is not an Apple but Dell and Microsoft need to learn from Apple. People like their tablets to be cool the first time you turn them on. How to Fix Your Dell Venue 8 Pro. Dell does not give you a roadmap, desktop icon or live tile for this so I will map out the way to fix your Dell Venue 8 Pro Dell Venue 8 Pro Won't Charge! I've done some research and still can't get it top accept a charge. When I plug in the charger, nothing happens. The white charging light does not even go on. When i press the power button, the orange light goes on for a second, but then it turns off again. It is as if the tablet is not recognizing the charger at all

I've noticed that when I turn off radio on my Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, which I frequently do when I carry the tablet away from my home for security reasons, the software switch in Windows 8.1 gets stuck in the off position. When I click it to turn on, it happens so quick that it's hardly noticeable, but I can actually see it slide back to the. In a sense, an 8-inch tablet is the perfect representation of what Windows 8 could be — ultra-mobile, but productive when you want it to be. Dell's Venue 8 Pro brings together Intel's latest.

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Dell does not give you a roadmap, desktop icon or live tile for this so I will map out the way to fix your Dell Venue 8 Pro. Since the tablet was manufactured, Dell published a BIOS update, video. Dell Venue 8 Pro Won't Turn On. Discussion in 'Dell' started by KawiNinjaZX, Oct 3, 2014. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. KawiNinjaZX Pen Pal - Newbie. Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 5. Does not turn on. Here are the symptoms: Original charger - No LE Just installed my Win 10 from Microsoft. All went well on the Venue 8 pro. Win 10 worked well with the Dell VN8P but if you put it to sleep by pressing the power button or it enters sleep itself after the time you set, it WILL NOT start back up when you press the power button. LED back light on but screen remains black. You need to hold down the power button > 10 sec to shut down completely

On the clean install of win8.1 on a new dell venue 8 pro, does it have KB2883200 and KB2887595 installed? Just now the screen didnt turn on after pressing the power button, after pressing it a few times suddenly the screen turned on, i looked into the system event logger, i had 1 display warning: 'Display driver igfx stopped responding and has. Why won't my Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows Tablet turn on. It may not be broken or damaged yet. The following answer helps bring the dell venue 8 pro back up and working. Im thinking when it goes dark, the dell is hard sleeping, so doing the following Forces a Hard Shutdown and then you should hopefully be up an running in no time Home Forums > Windows Tablet PCs > Dell > Venue 8 Pro Will not come out of sleep/standby mode. Discussion in 'Dell' started by wwilkins, Dec 8, 2013. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. wwilkins Pen Pal - Newbie. Messages: 1 Likes Received:

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My dell venue 11 pro(7130/7139) powered off after battery drain but then when i plug in my charger the power light turns white but even after hours of charging when i try to power it on by pressing and holding it, it turns to orange blinks for couple of secs and turns back to white This is how to install/run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. It's a pretty involved process, but isn't too difficult. To do this, you'll need a Micro USB.. Dell Venue 8 8340 slow fix Hey guys, I have found a solution for the extremely slow performance of the Dell Venue 8 8340. You must disable wi-fi optimization in settings --> wifi --> advanced. After disabling this feature, the tablet runs fairly smooth with no crashing or delays Guide to Maximizing Disk Space on your Dell Venue 8 Pro (or other Windows 8.1 system) Here is a little guide I am compiling to assist in freeing up additional space on your Windows 8.1 tablet. I have a DV8P, where these are all tested - but the majority should work with any Windows 8.1 install

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Permalink. History. New battery time. If the light just flashes yellow, it is because the lithium battery has dropped below its charging point. You can take it out and manually charge if with a 5 v supply for about 10 minutes, and put it back in. It should take off again. Or, change the battery. $25 on ebay seemed like the dell venue pro wifi update doesnt seem to resolve issues . i updated dw1538 wapi etc. and wifi works shutting down and restarting unit and after about 4 times wifi wont connect . takes about 5 tries to connect to home wifi .(disconnect /connect home wifi icon) anyone else

Turn off you new smartphone Dell Venue 8 and remove all SIM card or SD card. Step 2: Now insert battery and press POWER BUTTON, and VOL UP BUTTON. When you see in mobile screen Dell logo then release all key. Step 3: After pressing the button you can see in your mobile screen Android logo, then release all pressing key. Step 4 The Pro8 is the world's first all-in-one docking solution designed to charge the Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows tablet (and more) while simultaneously connecting external USB devices. Please see the FAQ here for the latest information. UPDATE 5/20/2014: We have solved the issue of charging while using USB devices Method 1: Hot Boot Method. -> Put your USB disk drive into the USB port on your Dell Venue Windows 8 tablet. -> On the Start screen or the Desktop, press Windows + C keyboard shortcut or swipe inwards from the right-side display edge. -> Click or tap on Settings and then click or tap on Change PC settings. -> Click or touch on General tab

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Tried cable with switch on data lines (wont charge at all), tried the turn it on and swap in the other thread (go as fast as I can but charge light always goes out and stays out), tried with wall PSUs and with compy USB ports for power. Dell Venue 8 pro 5855 defect after Windows reset. Gerhard, Feb 23, 2021, in forum: Dell. Replies: 0 Views. Upgraded venue 8 pro to windows 10 sucessfully. Reminder you MUST update BIOS and chipsets BEFORE upgrading. or things like audio and wifi will not work. Download all these from DELL suport. and the windows 10 driver pack.. Works great. On Screen Keyboard is still way too sensitive but you can turn it down in settings. Enjoy the upgrade

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Last night, I was watching TV with the Dell Venue Pro 8 on the couch next to me, and during the commercials, I picked it up to check up on a couple of blogs and play a couple levels of some casual games. This morning, I turned on my Bluetooth Microsoft Wedge Keyboard and Wedge Mouse, and went out to Starbucks to work for the morning Dell's Venue 8 Pro starts at $300 on the company's site, but you can pick it up for $200 if you have a Micro Center in your area. Granted, those prices cover the 32 GB model Between the various sales, discounts and all around good word-of-mouth, the Dell Venue 8 Pro, featuring Windows 8 (x86) on an 8-inch tablet, has become a mini-hit this holiday season. In fact, we. We recently took a look at the Dell Venue 8 Pro, an admirable 8-inch tablet running the full version of Windows 8.1 (32-bit). Well-built with a Quad-Core Atom processor and priced at just $299.

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Compare with similar items. This item Dell Venue 8 16 GB Tablet (Android) Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8 HD Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 2GHz, 32GB Storage, Full Metal Cover, Long Battery Life, Android 9 Pie, ZA5G0060US, Slate Black. 2020 Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (8th Generation If they are disabled, you should enable them. Now again find the Touch Keyboard service and enable it as Automatic. See if this works for you! It worked fine on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and also on my Dell Inspiron i7 3537 laptop. If you are still having issues, drop me a message or leave a comment below. Have a great day

I purchased a Dell Venue 8 Pro and this was one of the suggested accessories to get with the item. This does NOT work with the Venue 8 Pro tablet, and only works with a few non-Wacom tablets. The items title is also misleading as it makes you believe it will work with nearly any Windows 8 tablet I have a dell venue 8 pro Windows 8 tablet and I put password and I forgot completely. Is it possible to remove the password, I tried to boot the tablet connecting to external CD rom drive , but it is going to windows directly. I don't know how to go into bios to select the boot order, Please suggest. Thanks The 15.3-ounce device is heavier than slim competitors such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro (13.6 ounces) and Lenovo Miix 2 (12.2 ounces), though it still isn't as hefty as the 1.1-pound Acer Iconia W3-810

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3) Right-click on your SD Card and click Change Drive Letter and Paths. 4) Click Add. 5) In the Add a new drive letter or path for X: (Where X is the drive letter represented by your SD Card) select the radio Mount in the following empty NTFS folder: . 6) Click Browse and navigate to the directory that you created All InstantGo systems allow you to turn the screen on and off almost instantly. InstantGo is only available on Surface Pro and Surface 2. Numerous systems support InstantGo. Examples include: Dell Venue Pro 8, Dell Venue Pro 11, Asus T100TA, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Surface, Surface 2, and more. InstantGo runs exclusively on Windows RT To turn off your tablet, press and hold the power button to open the options menu, and then select Power off→ OK. Finishing Android setup After you turn on your tablet for the first time, follow the prompts on the screen to finish Dell Venue 8 User's Manual Dell Inc..

Edit 6/28/14 - See this blog post for a Kickstarter project for a dock that does this.. Edit 9/26/14 - Dell released an official Data and Charging Dongle.. Edit 11/18/2014: The Plugable dock can now be purchased directly from Amazon. A couple of months ago, because of my addiction to gadgets and all things shiny, I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro (affectionately referred to as the DV8) Same here with the Dell Venue 8 Pro, despite all the multitudinous places for the setting that I know of being set appropriately. The Surface Pro 2 I also use doesn't seem to have the problem. Dell Venue 11 Pro (Baytrail) Tablet and Tablet Keyboard Review. In our last review we looked at an 8-inch tablet running on the Atom Z3740 costing under $300. In this review we have the Dell Venue 11 Pro 10.8 inch tablet running the current high-end Z3770 CPU and costing $499. The powered keyboard is an additional accessory at $159

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  1. Panel Touch Firmware on Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130/7139 (Firmware) Urgent 12/18/2013, A00 Previous Versions Description This package provides the panel touch Firmware on Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130/7139 for Windows 8.1 operating system So far (1.5 hrs later) the tablet hasn't frozen to the touch. Time will tell if this is a permanent fix
  2. The Dell Active Stylus is compatible with the Dell Venue 11 Pro and the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Read more. A smart stylus for improved productivity The Dell Active Stylus is designed to work with Dell Venue Pro Tablets, giving you better interaction, more precision and improved productivity. Whether you are taking notes or sketching pictures, the.
  3. Dell Venue 8 Pro 3DMark Ice Storm Score. Dell Venue 8 Pro: Maxed out, 8440, 13844. Acer W510: 3697, 1840, 2997. Cinebench 11.5. Dell Venue 8 Pro left: OpenGL:5.171 CPU:0.92 Acer W510 on right: OpenGL: n.a CPU:0.53. Note that First generation Ultrabooks scored around 1.3 on the CPU test, 8.6 on the OpenGL test
  4. Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 T. turdb0 New Member. May 12, 2016 #2 As you can see in the images, the EMMC disk is considered Removable Media, which probably is why Windows Setup won't show as disk drive in the first image. So I think the solution has to be something to do with making the Volumes appear as fixed disks
  5. Venue 8 Pro won't charge. An orange light flashes when I press the power button. Can someone help? Close. 5. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived. Venue 8 Pro won't charge. An orange light flashes when I press the power button. That happened to me but with a DV11P I had to send it in to dell so that they can change the charging port. It works.
  6. A Youtube user followed this Dell XPS screen replacement guide and said it worked for her Dell Venue 8 Pro. Heather Loso Scott Chimner1 week ago. This video was very helpful. We cracked the screen on a Dell Venue 8 Pro (Android). Dell wanted $269 to repair it and a local shop wanted $150

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Dell Venue 8 Pro ) Can I remove the Windows old File ? Should I make a backup so I can roll back to 8.1 if I want ? Dell Venue 8 Pro - Windows 10 Installation failed in Installation and Upgrade. I have dell venue 8 pro with 32 bit Windows 8.1. in GWX, I have reserved it for win10. I waited up 30th 8am for any notification. I did not get any All the versions in the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855 run Windows 10 Pro on a 2.24GHz quad-core Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor. This is a chip that's intended for consumers or light business use, not heavy-duty computing. Dell offers a range of configurations. The base model has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage and costs $349 Thankfully, Dell and others have abandoned attempts to out Apple Apple and make poor clones of the iPad. The Venue 8 Pro is business-like black, with a nice rubberized back to the device.


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Dell will roll out updated Venue tablets for 64-bit. Dell will offer 64-bit OS support for its Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro tablets running Bay Trail (Atom) later this year, a Dell spokesperson. i have a dell venue 8 pro when i turn on there's a Dell logo then system or administrative password don't know what to do bought it off my brother and he forgot code anyways there's a backdoor I don't have a keyboard for it . 0. jkullmann. 4 years ago Reply Upvote. Hi, I have a Lenovo W540 that I need the BIOS password for.. On most Windows 10 and 8 PCs, the hibernation feature is turned on by default but it's not added to the power menu by default. When installing Windows, if there is sufficient space to create hiberfil.sys file on the drive where you installed Windows operating system, Windows automatically creates hiberfil.sys file but it just doesn't add the Hibernate option to the power button In this Dell laptop tutorial we are going to show you how to install and replace the Battery on your Venue 8 Pro (5830) tablet. These installation instructions have be made into 2 easy to follow printable steps. We have also create a video tutorial that shows you how to install your Venue 8 Pro (5830) Battery

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  1. Warning for Dell Venue 8 tablet users!!!! I evaluated this on a laptop using VMware, very promising. So promising I also installed it on the Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet. The tablet side needs more work, besides the bluetooth wasn't compatible, the gesture interface is not ready, IMHO
  2. Dell Venue 8 Pro, one of the best 8-inch Windows tablet out there and it received a firmware update recently. This Version A09 BIOS brings many enhancements such as improved WWAN support, USB keyboard function and more. Fixes: - Not Applicable Enhancements: -Enhanced performance of WWAN function. -Enhanced BIOS security function. -Improved USB keyboard function
  3. I have a MPMan with Win 10 installed and the touchscreen does not work anymore. I'm going to install win 8.1 on it. win 8.1 was out of production. thank you very much mircea_pricop - 05/25/2018 Repl

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  1. Not to be confused by the Android tablet with a similar name, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is running Windows. Unlike the difference in operating systems though, there is one similarity to some of those.
  2. The new Dell Venue 8 Pro with the equally amazing and new Intel Atom processor Z3740D which IS a 64 bit CPU so why does this hardware only run 32 bit Windows 8.1? That is because Dell wants to use Microsoft's new Connected Standby standard which (today) only works with 32 Bit Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  3. 1st Post. I've got a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 with vPro Core i5. It currently runs BIOS A06 and I've got multiple issues (freezes, black screen followed by a reboot sometimes by leaving the sleeping mode). I attempted to update to BIOS A10 which seam to fix many issues, but so far I can't complete the upgrade
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  1. In this Dell laptop tutorial we are going to show you how to install and replace the Motherboard on your Venue 8 Pro (5830) tablet. These installation instructions have be made into 6 easy to follow printable steps. We have also create a video tutorial that shows you how to install your Venue 8 Pro (5830) Motherboard
  2. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8 tablet running Windows 8.1. A quad-core Intel processor powers the device, backed by 2GB of RAM, a 1280 x 800 display, and 32 or 64GB of internal storage. The 4830mAh.
  3. The Dell Venue 7 is a 7 HD Android tablet. The most likely cause of audio problems is a bad audio jack. If no speakers or headphones work with your device then you should check the connections to the motherboard
  4. Dell's Venue 8, which is physically nearly identical to the Venue 8 Pro, runs the latest version of Android (KitKat), but doesn't include the necessary options under the Display command in Settings
  5. Unfortunately my tab itself does not fit in the cover that came with the keyboard as dimensions of Dell Venue 8 Pro are slightly different from Acer Iconia W4, however using jugaad I have found a way out. Would suggest that Dell make a generic cover for the keyboard so that it can be used for all tablets of 7,8,9 inches of any make in the market

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  1. In-depth review of the Dell Venue 8 Pro (Intel Atom Z3740D, Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail), 8.0, 0.4 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks, and evaluation
  2. Dell's latest line of Venue Pro devices pack the Windows 8.1 experience within a thin and light pair of tablets. The 8-inch Venue 8 Pro is the smaller of the two slates, boasting a bright screen.
  3. i-tablet. A great value at $299 indeed. No device is without its quirks and the Venue 8 Pro is no exception. A number of users have reported a WiFi issue where it goes to sleep and doesn't want to wake backup preventing users from getting online
  4. : 8- remove the floppy and reboot! Power the system off and on by unplugging and re-plugging the system into the power outlet : send me a thanks mail email remove
  5. Press Win+R, type services.msc , and press Enter to bring up Services window. 2. Scroll down a bit until locate the service called Touch keyboard . 3. Double click it, first to stop it if it's running, and then change the Startup type to either Manual or Disable to prevent it from auto-starting next time when computer starts. The on.
  6. Dell says the Venue 8 Pro should get up to 8 hours of run-time on a single charge. So far, my experience matches up with that claim although I like to fully cycle the battery of a device several times before doing an official battery test. Still, I was able to use the tablet on and off for a full day on a single charge
  7. Hello, any one out there have an idea on how I can fix a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet that the screen is blank. The table turns on (i think) it does the little vibrate when you press the power button. After a few seconds it will vibrate when you press the Windows Button on the bottom of the tablet, but there is no screen display

I believe the specific problem you are having is that the native windows Bluetooth drivers are installed, but not the complete set of drivers for all Bluetooth functionality. The Dell Bluetooth drivers for Windows 8 should solve that problem. Should but don't. At least not always. I have a Dell XPS 1640 which has built-in Bluetooth Windows BitLocker on Windows 8.1 (not Pro) Sven Baehr asked on 12/28/2013. Windows 8 Encryption OS Security. 7 Comments 1 Solution 28065 Views Last Modified: 9/12/2016. Hello, I own a pre-installed copy of Windows 8 which I later updated to 8.1 . Lately I took great interest in protecting my data, my identity, my connection, etc.. This is the latest model, version A02, not the earlier model Dell had replaced. The sensitivity is not the greatest. I usually have to tap the screen on my Dell Venue 8 Pro at least twice before it recognizes the touch of this stylus. As a writing instrument it's basically worthless Dell Venue Pro 8 (120.00 ebay) Hard Case for the tablet (49.99 Dell) Converter to connect Garmin to Tablet (10.00 Dell) Car mount for Tablet (60.00 Ram) Xmaps GPS map (Optional) (109.00) First thing you need is a tablet that will run full Basecamp/Base station not the mobile version of basestation Not to be left out, Dell recently started shipping the Venue 8 Pro, which costs about the same as its competitors ($300), but adds an active digitizer for pen input (psst: The stylus is sold.